Anora Industrial

We are an industrial partner that produces barley-based refined goods and with operations in the Nordic region. We produce high-quality technical ethanol products, neutral potable ethanol and barley starch.

Barley is our raw material

The Koskenkorva plant utilises barley 100%. Our award-winning distillery is a forerunner in the bio and circular economy.

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Mar 27, 2024
Koskenkorva barley silos

A good year for Anora in sustainability

Mar 27, 2024

Anora’s Annual Report and Remuneration Report for 2023

Feb 9, 2024
Industrial factory

Barley Starch from Koskenkorva to Chemigate

Finnish barley

Our Koskenkorva plant uses barley as the raw material for its products. Barley is also the only raw material, which our process uses in its entirety.

Products and services for industrial sector

Our wide selection of ethanol products includes both pure and denatured products for a variety of uses.

Naturet is family of environmentally friendly and safe ethanol-based heat transfer fluids.

Barley Starch is pure, natural ingredient for food industry. We also have a gluten free product.

Tipping calendar

Here you can schedule barley delivery times. If you have problems logging in, contact Pasi Ketelä.

Quality analyses

The quality analyses service allows you to view the quality data of starch products you have received.

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