Climate impact of barley starch

Dec 31, 2020

The carbon footprint of barley starch produced at Anora’s Koskenkorva plant is 1,140 kg CO2-eq/ton. The carbon footprint has significantly decreased in just over ten years, mainly due to the development of fertiliser manufacture used in barley cultivation and the use of renewable energy at the Koskenkorva plant.

Anora’s objective is to reach carbon-neutral production by 2026. Anora does not use offsets as a means of reducing emissions. Instead, the steps towards carbon neutrality are based on the development of its own production facilities, such as the Koskenkorva distillery biopower plant, and the transition to renewable energy sources. Anora has also started surveying the carbon footprints of its beverage products. The work began in the summer of 2019 with calculating the carbon footprint of Koskenkorva Vodka.

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