Barleyfields at Koskenkorva


We believe life is to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of our planet. That's why we are forerunners in sustainability. We are proud to work with products that are the best choice for the environment and for the climate, promoted and consumed responsibly.

Our sustainability roadmap 2030

We have launched a sustainability roadmap for 2030 having the circular economy and carbon neutral operations in the core of our sustainability. With the new roadmap, we set ambitious numeric long-term goals that will boost our sustainability development towards 2030. The new roadmap is divided into four focal areas of sustainability: Our Distillery, Our Drink, Our Society and Our People.

Our stakeholders’ views play a crucial role in the development and prioritisation of our sustainability efforts. We aim to maintain an active dialogue with our different stakeholder groups through different channels. The focus areas of our sustainability strategy are guided by our materiality analysis, which we update regularly.

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