Ethanol molecule, C2H6O

Denatured ethanol

We manufacture both slightly and strongly denatured ethanol for various industries. You can find our products in the Products section.

  • Some of our ETAX ethanol products are mildly denatured.

  • INDUSTOL is a highly denatured ethanol.

  • EXITOL 20 P is a slightly denatured ethanol mixture.

  • NatuClear product is agri based alcohol for beverage industry. Naturally all NatuClear products are pure products for spirits, not containing any denaturation agents.

What does ethanol denaturation mean?

Denatured ethanol is unfit to drink. It means that other substances have been added that make it difficult to use the product for anything other than industrial purposes. Denaturing ethanol is regulated. List of denaturing agents used in the denaturing of spirits and the concentrations required in the denaturing is confirmed by The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. You can find more information of regulation at Valvira site: Denatured alcohol and alcholic products. Use of undenatured etahanols requires a permission.

The information of Anora Industrial's products and used denaturing agent is always available on product pages.

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