The new ETAX A12 BIO is a natural ethanol

Feb 27, 2023

Anora Industrial has launched the new ETAX A12 BIO ethanol, which uses raw materials from pure nature. This ethanol's natural raw material does not affect the technical properties of the product, but results in a lower carbon footprint.

ETAX A12 BIO ethanol was developed in cooperation with our customers, with a particular emphasis on product safety and environmental friendliness.

The product is a fermented ethanol that uses raw materials from pure nature. This fermented ethanol has gone through our rigorous quality assurance process and quality specification and is a fully equivalent product to the familiar ETAX A12 ethanol mixture.

This ETAX BIO product should not be confused with so called bioethanol mixtures, which are commonly used as a fuel additive. ETAX BIO does not contain higher alcohols, like bioethanol in fuel, making Etax BIO cleaner and higher quality for technical applications.

At our online shop, ETAX A12 BIO is at the moment available 180 kg drums, more packages following later. For bulk orders, contact our sales team. You can order packaged ethanol products from our online shop, if you have a business ID. We will continue to develop bio products and bring other bio products to the market.

For more information, please contact Katja Valtonen, Sales Manager, and Heli Keurulainen, Category Manager or ask more by filling our Contact form.

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