Etax Ba

ETAX Ba is anhydrous technical ethanol. The product is suitable for use as a laboratory chemical, solvent and anhydrous, chemical process raw material.

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Grouped product items
ETAX BA 1 L - 12 PCS
ETAX BA 1 L - 12 PCS 1025962
ETAX BA 10 L 1025963
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Varastoinnissa ja käsittelyssä noudatettava palavista nesteistä annettuja määräyksiä.

Etax Ba
Denaturation agent
No denaturation agent
More Information
Ethanol, w-% ≥ 99.5
Ethanol, vol-% ≥ 99.7
Aldehydes, mg/l, max 50
Methanol, mg/l, max 500
Density (+20 °C), kg/l, max 0.791
Classification Highly Flammable
Transport classification Class 3, UN 1170, Packing group II
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