Ethanol samples

Ethanol – raw material for the production of disinfectants

Apr 19, 2021

Altia’s strong position as the ethanol supplier for disinfectant manufacturers continues. Altia is an approved supplier of ethanol as specified in the Biocidal Products Regulation. Last year was surprising and challenging as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the EU Member States and the world. The authorities reacted to this exceptional challenge on 31 March 2020 by granting a temporary special permit to acquire and use an approved active substance pursuant to the Biocidal Products Regulation – ethanol – in biocide products. In Finland, the deviant procedure ended in terms of product manufacturing on 31 December 2020.

Ethanol contained in ethanol-based biocide products, such as hand sanitizers, must be acquired from an approved active substance supplier whose information is proved in the Active substance ECHA’s Article 95 List.

We serve our customer in this raw material sector as usual – we can deliver the agreed volumes quickly and flexibly. Production of technical ethanols and their delivery from Rajamäki are in full operation as well as our Koskenkorva distillery.

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