Finnish barley is our raw material

Finnish barley is the most important raw material of Anora’s Koskenkorva plant. The process of the integrated plant makes use of all parts of the grain for various purposes, and nothing is wasted. The barley is peeled and the husks are combusted at a bio power plant to produce energy. This provides us with steam energy to meet the needs of the plant, while also decreasing the plant’s carbon footprint. Our goal is carbon neutral production by the year 2026.

After peeling, the barley is ground and the starch, protein and fibre fractions are separated for different uses. The protein and fibre waste are used for animal feed. The starch is used as it is for various purposes or processed into grain spirit using yeast.

Raw material is important to us

Finnish cereals are usually stored at the farm. This enables us to trace the origin of the raw material we use and even the cultivation measures implemented on the field. It also allows us to further develop the quality of the raw material, which benefits both Anora and the farmer. For contract cultivation, we recommend varieties that ensure maximum starch yield during the process. We pay quality bonuses to farmers based on large grain size and high starch content. The recommended varieties must also enable the farmer to produce a good harvest, in terms of both quantity and quality. We source the barley for the Koskenkorva plant directly from farmers or from grain traders. The Koskenkorva plant consumes around 210 million kilos of Finnish barley per year, which translates into twelve truckloads of barley for each day of the year. We invite you to become a supplier for Anora!

Finnish barley fields early in spring

Contract farming is core for our rawmaterial procurement

Barley quality is analyzed with Infratec analyzer

Quality-based pricing of barley

Barley: quality aspects of different varieties and harvest year

Koskenkorva barley silos

Barley delivery to Koskenkorva plant

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