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Problems in Ethanolshop? - Frequently Asked Questions about Using Etanolikauppa

Why can’t I log in to the Ethanol shop?

The username is the e-mail address you provided when registering, not your customer number. You can log in for the first time only after our customer support has confirmed your user account and linked it to your company’s details. You will receive an e-mail once the user account is confirmed. I cannot find the right package size or I would like a bulk delivery. Some of the less produced package sizes are not available in the Ethanol shop selection. Please contact our customer service regarding these. Or, if you would like to arrange a bulk delivery, call Customer Service directly. Why can’t I change the delivery address? You can change the delivery address by writing your desired address in the address field. However, please note that products that require a licence can only be delivered to the address contained in the Valvira application. Therefore, the delivery address cannot be changed if the order includes any undenatured products. Request an alteration to your licence from Valvira, if necessary.

Why the product has different price in Check-Out than in catalog? If your order total is under 80€ an extra Small Delivery fee (20€) will be added to product price. This fee is shown as higher product price in Check Out and Order Confirmation. The invoice will contain all the extra costs for freight or handling separately.

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Customer Service

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