Alcohol beverage plant in Gjelleråsen

Our business operation at Gjelleråsen, outside Oslo, is one of the newest and most advanced in Europe. The production facility operates mainly with geothermal energy and houses full-service logistics operations, a modern bottling plant, distillery, and an accredited quality assurance laboratory.

Our production has five copper pot-stills for the distillation of iconic aquavit qualities such as Lysholm LINIE, Aalborg, Gammel Opland and Løiten. Skagerrak Nordic Dry gin and many naturally flavored spirits are also produced here. Our production handles a large volume of incoming wines in bulk, as well as raw materials and botanicals for spirit production. Over 8,000 oak casks are stored in our warehouse, maturing different aquavits from six months and some qualities even exceeding two decades. All our casks are maintained by our skilled coopers with their unique craftmanship.

Our state-of-the-art bottling plant operates with seven bottling lines handling over three hundred different units in packaging formats ranging from glass, PET, bag-in-box and minis. Our iconic wine brands Falling Feather, Ruby Zin and Wongraven are amongst those bottled at Gjelleråsen. Quality control and sensory tests are carried out by our accredited laboratory both prior to and after bottling.

Vectura is our logistics unit, and offers a full range of inbound logistics services, storage, and product distribution in Norway. Its partners include well over a hundred producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, covering the entire range from the largest industrial players to small family-owned craft producers. Vectura handles roughly 12,000 different products. Vinmonopolet, the hotel and restaurant industry and wholesalers are Vectura’s main customers.

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