Gluten-free barley starch is new product

Gluten-Free Barley Starch

Gluten-free Barley Starch lets the natural flavours of food and drink shine because it is clean, odourless and has a neutral taste.

The gluten content of Anora’s gluten-free Barley Starch is less than 20 mg/kg, which is the limit set for a gluten-free product. That is why it can be used in gluten-free end products. Barley Starch is not naturally gluten-free. The gluten is removed separately during the production process. Gluten-free Barley Starch is a new Finnish product that makes it possible to develop new kinds of end products. In addition to the food industry, this product can also offer interesting opportunities to industries such as the cosmetics industry.

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Jukka Sala

Sales Director

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