Canisters can be recycled

Recycle your empty ethanol packages

We are working together with Suomen Uusiomuovi to improve recycling of used plastic packaging in Finland.

Terminals for trade and industry to recycle plastic

The terminal service is free of cost if quality specifications are meet. Various terminals may have different access to recycling options. Therefore received packaging waste may also be energy recovered. Please contact the terminal beforehand you enter there. Location of terminals you can see on the map

Sorting guidelines for trade & industry packaging

  • All kind of separated used plastic packaging. Please, check with the terminal for more details

  • No PVC is allowed

  • Packaging shall be empty, rinsed and dried if required. Please, check with the

    terminal for more details

  • No plastic products or in-house waste is allowed

  • Packaging containing dangerous substances belongs to the collection system arranged by the municipals. For ex. cans of oil cannot be emptied well enough to be allowed in the collection.

If you have more questions you can also turn to Suomen Uusiomuovi, for example Recycling Coach Katja Laitinen. See the contact details in Suomen Uusiomuovi.

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