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Industrial ethanols from Rajamäki

We are an active industrial ethanol supplier in Rajamäki, Finland. We have a long history of supplying raw materials and solvent mixtures for industry. Our product range includes both pure and denatured ethanols to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

We deliver high-quality ethanol products with reliability and flexibility to meet your needs. We supply different qualities of ethanol in quantities to suit your needs. It's also up to us to stay one step ahead of potential changes to ethanol legislation.

We produce both mildly and highly denatured ethanols and ethanol based Naturet heat transfer fluids that comply with Finnish alcohol legislation. Find out more about our products in the Products section. We also make customized solvent mixtures and other solvents.

If sustainability is an important selection criterion for you, we recommend the organic ETAX BIO ethanol mixture. Its raw materials are sourced from pure nature.

You can order packaged ethanol products from our online shop if you have a business ID.

More information on ethanol legislation can be found on the Valvira website.


Ethanol is the most well-known of all alcohols – a non-toxic, versatile chemical that biodegrades into carbon dioxide and water. Ethanol is a bright, colourless liquid with a burning taste and a boiling point of +78.3 °C. It is an easily flammable, combustible liquid that is soluble in water and most solvents. Ethanol has a number of helpful properties that make it a useful raw material for many different purposes. In addition to the alcoholic beverage and food industries, ethanol is used for dissolving, extraction, cooling, as an antifreeze, dehydration, cleaning, disinfection, surface tension reduction, fuel, as well as a laboratory chemical and chemical raw material across a wide range of industries.

Ethanol Products for Different Industrial Sectors

Our services for industry

We offer ethanols and solvents for various industrial needs. Our goals include high quality and the shortest delivery times in the sector.

Metal pipeline connections

Contract manufacturing

Contact manufacturing for wine products, alcohol beverages or customized technical ethanol needs. Our flexible packing options and logistical capabilies offer many possibilities.

Ethanol molecule, C2H6O

Denatured ethanol

We manufacture both slightly and strongly denatured ethanol for various industries. As a customer you can always trust our products fulfill the requirements of legistlation.

Ethanol Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS

The Ethanol material safety data sheet allows our customers to use our products safely.

On Ethanol shop you can order packed products in bottle or even in IBC-containers

Join our Ethanol shop!

Our ethanol shop is a versatile online service for our registered users. There you'll find ethanols in various quantities for your industrial needs.

Canisters can be recycled

Recycle your empty ethanol packages

Here you'll find instructions on how to recycle empty ethanol containers in an environmentally friendly way.

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