Koskenkorva plant

Koskenkorva Plant - Distillery for our grain spirit

Anora’s Koskenkorva plant is located in the village of Koskenkorva in Ilmajoki in Southern Ostrobothnia. It produces grain spirit, technical ethanols, starch, raw material for animal feed and carbon dioxide for use by Anora and its clients. The Koskenkorva plant is a modern production plant where cutting-edge production technology and processes, as well as a wide selection of products, allow for an exceptional level of material efficiency. Production takes place in a continuous two-shift process, 350 days a year. Nearly one hundred professionals work at the Koskenkorva plant, employed by Anora and its partners in plant area.

Grain spirit distilled from barley

The plant uses more than 200 million kilos of Finnish barley per year, which represents around 15% of the total barley harvest in Finland and more than 30% of the barley sold in Finland. Grain spirit made from pure Finnish barley is the raw material for Anora’s alcoholic beverage products and for Finlandia Vodka. The Koskenkorva plant is the largest starch plant in the Nordic countries and the only producer of barley starch in the world. Barley starch is used as a binding agent in the paper and paperboard industries, as a fermentation and freshness agent in beer production, and in other food industry applications. The Koskenkorva plant is involved in proactive development of products suitable for use as food and for replacing oil-based binding agents in the paper and paperboard industries with renewable raw material. Our Koskenkorva distillery is based on bio and circular economy: the Finnish barley we use as raw material is utilised 100%. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutral production by the year 2026. Read more about our company’s sustainability goals.

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