Naturet 60% GeoSafe

Naturet (60 wt%) is an ethanol-based heat transfer fluid for use in geothermal heat systems. The product does not contain corrosion inhibitor.

We sell Naturet products to drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and other companies involved in geothermal and similar heating systems. You can order the products easily from our online shop or by contacting our customer service. Ask more details from our experts!


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Grouped product items
NATURET MAALÄMPÖ GeoSafe 16 KG 1026075

Strongly denatured ethanol product
Colorless, pungent smell

NATURET (60 w-% ethanol) diluted with water, the mixing ratio of 50:50

The freezing point of the diluted products ~ -17 ° C


Ethanol can form explosive mixtures with air; explosion limits 3-19 vol-.%.

During storage and handling should follow regulations.for flammable liquids.

Naturet 60% GeoSafe
More Information
Dilution 1:1
Butanone, w-% 1.2
Ethanol, w-% 60.0
Isopropanol, w-% 1.2
Density (+20 °C), kg/l, max 0.89
Classification Flammable
Transport classification Class 3, UN 1170, Packing group III
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