Naturet is geothermal fluid - safe for the user and nature also

Naturet heat transfer fluid

Naturet heat transfer fluids are Finnish ethanol-based products. Heat transfer fluids are also called geotherml fluids. They allow you to transfer natural heat from the soil, water sources and rocks into energy for heating homes, buildings and domestic hot water without harming the environment.

Naturet heat transfer fluids, produced in Anora's Rajamäki factory, are safe and familiar products that have been used for more than 30 years.

We sell Naturet heat transfer fluids to drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and other companies involved in geothermal and similar heating systems.



We sell ecological Naturet heat transfer fluids for professionals. Here you’ll find more details about Naturet products and log in to our online store.

You’ll receive domestic Naturet heat transfer fluids alongside the delivery of your geothermal system. Find your closest retailer at the Poratek website.



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The Naturet heat transfer fluid product family has been renewed and will grow alongside the needs of our customers. If your company has any specific requirements, feel free to contact us. We're happy to help with all your heat transfer fluid needs.

Naturet is environment friendly geothermal fluid

Naturet’s environmental impact

Naturet heat transfer fluid is safe for the environment and breaks down naturally into carbon dioxide and water.

Safety helmets protect our occupational in their work

Naturet - transporting and handling

Transport limits for Naturet heat transfer fluid and other important safety concerns.

Naturet is safe for environment

Frequently asked questions

Wondering about heat transfer fluid dilution or recycling empty packaging? Here you'll find the answers.

Naturet geothermal fluids are environment friendly

Naturet Geothermal Fluid

Geothermal fluid is an important part of the heating system

Naturet-products are safety

Naturet brochure

Technical information about Naturet geothermal fluids in our brochure.

Storing drums

What must be considered when storing your Naturet products?

Quantity and hazardousness of the substance effect requirements. Contact your local fire authorities.

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