Naturet is environment friendly geothermal fluid

Naturet’s environmental impact

Geothermal heat is natural energy derived from heat accumulated in the ground, bedrock and water. Naturet heat transfer fluid (HTF) is created to collect and transfer this heat. In winter conditions heat tranfer fluid must have some antifreezing features. Naturet -product is always selected and specified to meet these conditions. Ethanol is neither classified as a harmful, toxic or environmentally dangerous substance. Ethanol based Naturet products, made from natural raw materialsis, are always a safe choice. Heat transfer fluid is always circulated in a closed heat collecting loop. If this loop is broken for some reason, ethanol decomposes in nature into non-harmful carbon dioxide and water. Same safe use applies to the denaturants and corrosion inhibitors contained in Naturet products. Our Naturet products are based on pure Finnish expertise that we continually develop further! Naturet products are suitable for collecting heat in geothermal heating solutions. Maximum environment temperature is specified for certain concentrate.

Read hear the Statement about Naturet's effects to environment.

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