Safety helmets protect our occupational in their work

Our work for occupational safety has progressed well

Jun 17, 2022

Occupational safety is one of the key focus areas of Anora’s sustainability work. We have invested strongly in improving occupational safety and building our safety culture both within Anora as well as with our partners. We have already been recognized from our good work earlier as Starch Europe announced that Anora’s Koskenkorva factory has been awarded the Year Award in the Safety Awards for the 2020-2021 period. Now we have worked 888 days without accidents causing absences in Industrial products Koskenkorva and Rajamäki units. Safe working requires focus from all of us on our ways of working and the work environment as well as good planning and preparation on each task we do. Our goal is a continuous improvement in safety also in the future and that comes by good planning, making observations in advance and reporting them systematically. Moreover it is important to fix directly even the small sources of risk as we see them. All this reduces the risks of accidents and enables all of us to return home safely from work. There is also a risk of accidents awaiting us in our free time, especially now when we are starting well deserved summer holidays with hopefully lots of activities. Let’s be careful and have safe holidays! -pages contain very useful info of the risks in free time.

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