Rajamäki plant area, including beverage plant, logistic centre and technical ethanol plant

Manufacturing plants

We have four plants: three in Finland and one in Estonia. Our alcoholic beverage plants are located in Rajamäki and Tabasalu, Estonia.

Our technical ethanol plant is also located in Rajamäki close to beverage plant. Our starch plant and distillery is located in Koskenkorva.

Koskenkorva plant

Koskenkorva Plant - Distillery for our grain spirit

Technical Ethanols Plant in Rajamäki

Technical ethanol plant in Rajamäki

Analyzing wines and wine glasses in Altia Rajamäki Beverage Plant

Alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki

Altia Tabasalu factory in Estonia

Alcoholic beverage plant in Tabasalu

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