Rajamäki plant area, including beverage plant, logistic centre and technical ethanol plant

Manufacturing plants

We have a distillery in Koskenkorva village in Western Finland, a modern logistics facility at Gjelleråsen, Norway, an aquavit distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden, bottling plants in Rajamäki village in South Finland and Tabasalu municipality in Estonia, as well as warehouse facilities and offices in our other home markets. We are also a notable cognac house with production and aging cellars in Cognac, France.

Our technical ethanol plant is located in Rajamäki close to beverage plant. Our distillery and starch plant is located in Koskenkorva.

Koskenkorva plant

Koskenkorva Plant - Distillery for our grain spirit

Technical Ethanols Plant in Rajamäki

Technical ethanol plant in Rajamäki

Rajamäki Beverage Plant

Alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki

Tabasalu office, Anora

Alcoholic beverage plant in Tabasalu


Alcohol beverage plant in Gjelleråsen

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