Products can be packed to canisters

Technical ethanols for industrial needs

We offer a wide selection of pure ethanols and ethanol products, from bottles of 0.5 litres to tanker-lorry deliveries. Our comprehensive selection includes lightly and strongly denatured ethanols that meet the requirements of the Finnish legislation on alcoholic beverages. More information about legislation is available on the website of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

  • Etax-product group offers wide selection of different pure and denatured ethanols

  • Naturet-products are ethanol-based geothermal fluids for heating and cooling systems

  • Industol and Exitol -products are strong denatured ethanols

  • NatuClear -products are pure agri-based alcohols for beverages

Beside these products we also offer contract manufacturing for beverages as well as for technical ethanol needs. Koskenkorva plant produces starch products for different purposes.

Our experts help you with any issues concerning alcohol, ethanol and ethanol products.

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