Barley quality is analyzed with Infratec analyzer

Quality-based pricing of barley

The Anora Koskenkorva plant purchases approximately 210 million kilos of Finnish barley every year. Contract cultivation of starch barley covers around 80% of the plant’s barley consumption. However, all of the barley we acquire for the plant must meet the same quality requirements, and we only pay the quality bonus based on starch content for contract cultivated barley. The quality bonus based on starch content for contract farmed barley is paid as follows:

If the barley does not meet the requirements for basic quality in one or more quality factors, the pricing will be adjusted for the lower quality in the following manner, as defined in the contract: If a hectolitre weighs 62.0–63.9 kg or, in screening the grain, the part that passes through the 2.2 mm screen is 10.0–15% or the humidity of the barley is 14.1–14.5%, the quality deduction is EUR -4/tonne and no starch bonus is paid. The quality deduction is EUR -4/tonne even if several basic quality requirements are not met.

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