Naturet geothermal fluids are environment friendly

What is geothermal fluid?

Information about geothermal fluid

Geothermal heat is an energy source stored underground. As its name suggests, geothermal heat is stored in the ground, rocks, and bodies of water.

A geothermal heating system transfers and recycles this pure natural heat for heating buildings and domestic hot water. The systems can also be used for cooling. Thermal energy from the building can be transferred back into the ground, where it can be reused in a heating season.

The system transfers thermal energy from the ground to a geothermal pump by means of a geothermal fluid, or heat transfer fluid.

Naturet's Finnish geothermal fluid is a non-toxic, ecological and safe alternative.

The primary raw material in Naturet's geothermal fluid is ethanol. Ethanol is the most well-known of all alcohols. It is a non-toxic and versatile chemical that biodegrades into carbon dioxide and water.

Ethanol is highly denatured. Like ethanol, the methyl ethyl ketone and isopropanol used as denaturants are safe for the environment and biodegradable organic compounds.

Geothermal energy is gaining ground as a heating method as environmental awareness increases, and the number of geothermal system installations is growing significantly.

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