Ethanol Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS

We always send ethanol Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to new customers on delivery.

Our Material Safety Data Sheet provides information on the hazards, safe storage, handling, and disposal of ethanol. MSDS data allows our customers to use our products safely.

We sell our ethanol products for business use only. Similarly, Material Safety Data Sheets are intended for professional and industrial users of chemicals – not consumers.

However, we've made the Material Safety Data Sheets for Naturet heat transfer fluids available to all users. This allows households to read more about the properties of the safe Naturet heat transfer fluid that flows in their geothermal system.

As our customer, you can request the latest ethanol Material Safety Data Sheet by emailing our customer service team or logging onto our website. The MSDS is available in both Finnish and English for each product. Logged-in users have access to the Material Safety Data Sheets for all our products. If you don't have log-in credentials, send a message to our customer service team from the box below and we will send you a login link.

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