Barley Starch

Barley Starch for many kind of purposes

We produce exceptionally pure barley starch of consistent quality that is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Our largest customer groups are in the paper and paperboard, brewing and food industries.

We have produced barley starch since 1987 at Koskenkorva. Our starch plant is a forerunner in the bio and circular economy. The operations of the plant include producing starch, ethanol and animal feed raw material as well as carbon dioxide capture. A bio power plant utilises our effluents. Our goal is carbon neutral production by the year 2025. Our barley starch is produced using Finnish barley. Our raw material is locally sourced and our production takes place close to our customers. That is why we are known for rapid and reliable deliveries.

We are a members in Tärkkelysteollisuusyhdistys and the Starch Europe organisation

Starch Europe

Finnative is starch for board, paper and packing industry

Paper and paperboard industries

Barley Starch is used in the board, paper and packaging applications as a binding and coating agent for various finished products.

Barely starch as a raw material for beer

Barley starch for breweries

Breweries use Barley Starch as a fermentation agent in the production of beer and to bring freshness to Finnish lagers.

Starch Production Equipment

Technical Applications

Starch in renewable and cost efficient binding agent.

Barley starch for food industry

Barley starch in food products

Barley Starch is pure, natural ingredient for food industry.

Gluten-free barley starch is new product

Gluten-Free Barley Starch

Gluten-Free Barley Starch is a new product for growing needs of gluten-free products.

Safety at work

Koskenkorva factory wins the Starch Europe Safety Programme’s Year award


Climate impact of barley starch

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