Rajamäki Beverage Plant

Alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki

Anora produces wines and spirits under more than 700 brand names at its industry-leading alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki. With the exception of cognac, brandy and some speciality products, its own products are bottled at the Rajamäki plant. The plant has six lines for bottles and two for bag-in-box containers. Our comprehensive quality assurance system includes a broad range of samples, checks and measurements at different stages of production.

The Rajamäki plant has about 230 employees. The production department works in three shifts. Annual production is over 60 million litres.

Clean groundwater

In addition to the Koskenkorva grain spirit, our production of spirits is based on clean groundwater. The groundwater in Rajamäki has been used for the production of beverages since 1888, when operations began in the Rajamäki plant area. Anora protects the quality of the groundwater in its nearby areas through land ownership and by restricting construction in the area and establishing conservation areas.

Wine production

Anora’s role in wine production involves tasks related to processing wine. When we find a wine that is suitable for our product portfolio, we take care of its import and packaging for various markets. Anora processes wines in order to preserve their original characteristics. The Rajamäki plant has industry-leading wine processing lines: clean and efficient facilities with state-of-the-art technology.

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