Cartoon boxes have barley starch as raw material

Altia and Chemigate continue to serve paper and paperboard industry with a new agreement

Aug 19, 2021

Altia Plc has sold its shares of Chemigate Ltd to Berner Ltd in July. A long-term cooperation agreement regarding the sale of barley starch to the paper and paperboard industry was agreed at the same time. Chemigate has had an important role in modifying Altia Koskenkorva native starch for applications in paper industry over the years. From now on Chemigate will be the selling partner for all customers in paper and paperboard industry. The agreement allows more specific concentration to strategic and value adding products in Altia Koskenkorva Plant. Altia continues to sell Barley Starch for food industry as well as breweries and native starch for technical applications. Barely Starch is pure, natural ingredient for example in food industry. Beside it Gluten Free Barley Starch enables the use of this clean and neutral tasting product to be used in various applications.

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