Anora's stand at KoneAgria Tampere

Anora's grain team wishes you welcome to visit KoneAgria at Tampere

Oct 12, 2023

KoneAgria opened to the public today in Tampere. KoneAgria is the most significant meeting place of the year for agricultural and forestry professionals. The event offers a unique place for trading, networking, and learning new things for three days.

Anora's grain team welcomes all contract farmers, partners and of course other fair visitors interested in barley to stop by their stand, which is located in C-hall, in the joint stand of Farmit partners.

Grain team has decorated the stand with Anora Industrial's product packages, which at the same time tell about the products of the unit located in Rajamäki, near by the Anora beverage plant. Anora Industrial's products: Naturet heat transfer fluids, the highly denatured Industol and Exitol suitable for various industrial needs, and Etax A, which requires Valvira's alcohol permit, are examples of ethanol's wide range of uses in various industrial applications.

At Anora's stand, you can also try to solve a tricky question, of course related to barley.

Welcome to exchange information at KoneAgria in Tampere!


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