Finnish barley fields early in spring

Contract farming is core for our rawmaterial procurement

The Koskenkorva factory needs about 200 million kilos of Finnish barley every year. In terms of truckloads, that means twelve truckloads of barley every day of the year.

Our grain procurement is based on contract farming. We make farming contracts both directly with farmers and also through grain traders. Contract farming secures the volume and the quality of our raw material. Barley is the most important grain for the Koskenkorva factory. In addition, we make a limited number of contracts for triticale, REGE-barley and barley from organic farming.

In short, the contract means the farmer cultivates the crop and sells it to Anora, while ensuring some contract bonuses for herself or himself. Agreements are made for one year at a time. From time to time, we offer also the possibility to fix the price for future deliveries. You can ask more information directly from our grain team.

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Minna Tammela

Procurement Coordinator

Juha Haukkala

Procurement Planner

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Category Sourcing Manager

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