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EthanolShop user can easily see the changed prices

Jan 4, 2024

The start of new year meant price increases for some of our packaged ethanol products. You can see the prices of different products and package sizes as a logged-in user of EthanolShop. You can create an account for the EthanolShop by yourself through a registration for our customer. If you already have a customer relationship with us, the easiest way to get the user account is to send an email to our customer service. All of the prices of our products have not been changed. Regarding the changes made, the increase is mainly 3%. At this moment no increases have been made to the prices of Naturet heat transfer fluids. Agreed contract prices are updated when the contract is renewed. Company's order history can be easily seen at EthanolShop, as well as the Safety Data Sheets for all products, both in Finnish and in English. Renewing the previous order has been made very easy at EthanolShop, but of course it is sometimes worth doing a price comparison and thinking about the delivery size that best suits your needs.

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