Barley to be harvest soon

Finnish barley harvest is soon about to start

Aug 8, 2023

Koskenkorva distillery uses finnish barley as raw material. The procurement of barley is based on contract farming. We ensure the availability of our main raw material, finnish barley, by entering cultivation contracts with Finnish farmers or their grain brokers. About 80% of the estimated annual barley requirement is covered by contract farming. Cultivation contracts are made in the spring before sowing, and deliveries to the Koskenkorva factory are then agreed in more detail in the following one and a half year. The cycle is remarkably long and requires planning as well a good cooperation with the entire grain chain.

Finnish grain is mainly stored in farmer's own warehouses. In this way, traceability is achieved at its best, even up to the farmer's field. It is unique even at the European level. At the same time it creates a great possibility to monitor the effects of cultivation actions to the harvested quantity and quality and the development of cultivation in the coming years.

Koskenkorva factory uses an average of 12 truckloads of finnish barley every day. The Finnish farmer is an important partner of ours and it is important for us to have a long-term cooperation to ensure the availability of raw material. Koskenkorva plant area includes a barley storage for about one month's use. Steady grain deliveries throughout the year are an absolute prerequisite for an industry that uses a lot of grain.

When making farming contracts in the spring, there are still many open issues regarding the effects of the coming summer weather and its impact on the quantity and quality of the barley harvest. As well there are many factors effecting to the barley usage at distillery in the next 12 months. Kari Kiltilä, who is responsible for the procurement of barley at the Koskenkorva factory, is wondering the weather forecast and how it effects to the barley harvest in a blog. You can read Kari Kiltilä’s Farmit-blog in Finnish here. Farmit is a service channel and website aimed for finnish agricultural and forestry professionals.


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