Barley starch for food industry

Barley starch in food products

Barley Starch is a pure natural product. It is produced using non genetically modified Finnish barley. Our contract farmers grow the barley using environmentally friendly methods. The barley is grown and processed in accordance with good food hygiene. The barley is grown near the production location, which shortens transportation distances thus reducing the environmental impact of the barley starch. Barley Starch is unmodified native starch with no preservatives or additives. Barley Starch lets the natural flavours of food and drink shine because it is clean, odourless and has a neutral taste. The food safety of our barley starch is rated as Excellent in accordance with the Oiva system of the Finnish Food Authority. Oiva is a system that allows consumers to view the control results of food products. The findings are published online as Oiva reports. An Oiva report uses a classification of smiley faces to assess companies’ food safety. Read more about the Oiva system and see Altia’s Oiva report here. Barley Starch is a unique ingredient in the food, brewery and beverage industry, with a low environmental load. The carbon footprint of barley starch decreased by 31% in little over a decade.

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Jukka Sala

Sales Director

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