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Can the traditional Naturet 60% and GeoSafe 60% be mixed together? The products can be mixed together. The chemical composition is the same with the exception of the corrosion inhibitor. However, when mixing, it should be taken into account that the absence of or, in this case, the decrease in concentration of the corrosion inhibitor does not provide the protection against corrosion indicated by Naturet 60%.

Can Naturet products be mixed with other heat transfer fluids? We do not recommend mixing substances from different manufacturers. On a case-by-case basis, we can investigate product compatibility.

Are heat transfer fluids of all manufacturers biodegradable in nature? All Naturet heat transfer fluids are completely biodegradable. If the product were to be accidentally released into the environment, it would dilute at the same time as decomposing into natural compounds. We are familiar with our products only.

Can the same heat transfer fluid be used in both a solar collector and ground collector? In a solar collector, the temperature may rise above the evaporation point of the ethanol mixture, which is determined by the concentration of the water-ethanol mixture. The frost resistance of the heat transfer fluid is improved by ethanol in ground collectors. The system designer must take these matters into account.

Can I add a Naturet product to an old heat collection circuit containing glycol? It is always better to empty and rinse clean the old system due to possible deposits. The previous product may also contain other components, the functionality of which together with Naturet geothermal fluid is impossible to ensure. When filling with a pure Naturet product, the functionality of the system can be ensured for a long time.

Do you deliver heat transfer fluids to destinations throughout Finland? Yes, we do. The cargo is determined by the distance and the weight of the item to be delivered. Discharging must be carried out safely and without disturbance in the vicinity of the vehicle. There are separate guidelines for the storage of ethanol and other flammable liquids, which are supervised by fire authorities.

Where can I find safety data sheets? The safety data sheets of Naturet products can be found in the product information. Safety data sheets for our other products in the online shop are available after logging in to our online shop. If necessary, you can get all safety data sheets from asiakaspalvelustamme.

Can Naturet heat transfer fluid be diluted with water? As an ethanol-based product, Naturet is completely soluble in water. The most commonly used frost resistance -17 °C is obtained with the Naturet Strong water mixture, dilution ratio 1:2. Other dilution ratios should be discussed with the system designer. Naturet -17 °C is a ready-to-use solution.

Where can I buy geothermal fluid? We sell Naturet products to drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and other companies involved in geothermal and similar heating systems, please contact our sales representatives. Our private customers receive their Naturet products conveniently with their system deliveries from geothermal well drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and geothermal pump retailers. Find the nearest contractor on the website of Poratek, the organisation for well drilling professionals

Do I have to wear protective eyewear when handling the products? Protective eyewear must be worn when handling Naturet Strong (90 wt%) and Naturet (60 wt%) products. See the product safety data sheets for further information on the use of personal protective equipment.

How do I store geothermal fluid? Industrial processing and storage operations are subject to separate permit and disclosure requirements, depending on the quantity and hazardousness of the substance to be stored or handled. Contact your local fire authorities for more detailed information. The requirements of the Chemicals Safety Act must be taken into account with regard to the storage of Naturet products. The disclosure requirement for handling Naturet products is 1,000 litres. The best storage space for Naturet barrels and containers is a dry indoor space suitable for storing products classified as highly combustible.

How do I recycle empty packages? We cooperate with Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy to promote the recycling of plastics. Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy receives used plastic packages from companies in its authorised terminals and utilises them in further processed plastic. Find the nearest collection terminal and its contact information on this map: Packages can be delivered for recycling free of charge when they are empty, dry and sorted by type of plastic. The recycling system applies to bottles, canisters, barrels and IBC containers. Not all terminals may be able to receive an IBC container in its entirety with a pallet and a frame. Some only accept the plastic interior of the container. Please contact the terminal before returning and check how the container and other packages should be brought in. • Rinse the containers thoroughly twice with water and make sure they are dry at the time of returning. • Leave the caps open. • Remove labels if possible or cross out dangerous substances labels. • Please note that collection terminals cannot accept containers containing liquid for occupational safety reasons. You can also contact Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy’s Recycling Coach Katja Laitinen (tel. +358 50 407 3959).

How do Naturet GeoSafe products differ from Naturet products? GeoSafe products do not contain corrosion inhibitors. You should discuss the choice of the product with your geothermal system supplier.

I have bought an old detached house. How can I ensure the functioning of the geothermal system? We help to determine the quality of the heat transfer fluid. Our customer service will advise you in more detail on sending a sample. For the geothermal fluid system, please contact the company that carried out the installation or the local authorised HVAC operator.

Do Naturet products contain methanol? They do not. All Naturet heat transfer fluids are ethanol-based, safe and non-environmentally dangerous products.

Do Naturet products contain glycol or heavy metals? They do not. All Naturet heat transfer fluids are ethanol-based, safe and non-environmentally dangerous products.

What sizes of Naturet products are available? Pre-packaged 20 litre canisters, barrels and IBC containers are available. Please contact customer service for tanker deliveries.

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Additional information also available from our partners: Poratek ry Poratek is an umbrella organisation for well drilling professionals in which insights to the industry deepen and grow. SULPU The website of the Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU) provides plenty of information on the development of the sector and its operators. Geoenergiakeskus Suomen Geoenergiakeskus (Finnish geothermal centre) is a free-form association of the geoenergy sector.

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