Naturet geothermal fluids are environment friendly

Naturet Geothermal Fluid

Geothermal fluid is an important part of the heating system

Geothermal fluid allows you to transfer natural heat from the soil into heating energy.

An important feature of geothermal fluid is its frost resistance. In Finland, there is always a risk of liquids freezing outdoors – even though geothermal heat pumps literally draw heat from the ground. Frost resistance also concerns all heating and cooling applications where the evaporator or condenser is located outdoors. Geothermal fluids are also known as heat transfer fluids.

The primary raw material in Naturet geothermal fluids is ethanol. Ethanol is the best-known of all alcohols and is commonly used as an antifreeze. It's a non-toxic and versatile chemical that biodegrades into carbon dioxide and water.

In addition to ready-to-use mixtures, we offer Naturet Strong geothermal fluids, which are diluted by a heat exchanger or cooling circuit contractor. Frost resistance of -17°C is often desired.

Naturet geothermal fluids have been on the market for over 30 years. Anora Industrial aims to continue to develop ecological, toxin-free heat transfer fluids – for both current and future needs. Finnish Naturet geothermal fluid is an environmentally safe option, and often the best in terms of frost resistance. You can read more about Naturet's environmental requirements here.

Our experts are happy to help you choose the product and delivery method that suits your needs best. We sell Naturet geothermal fluids to drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and other companies involved in geothermal and similar heating systems. Private customers will receive Naturet products alongside the delivery of your geothermal system.

The ethanol in geothermal fluid is highly denatured. Methyl ethyl ketone and isopropanol – used as denaturants in Naturet products – are, like ethanol, environmentally harmless and biodegradable organic compounds.

On the main Naturet products page you'll find links covering frequently asked questions and product storage, as well as to our brochure.

Geothermal systems

Geothermal heat is an energy source stored underground. As its name suggests, geothermal heat is stored in the ground, rocks, and bodies of water. Geothermal energy is gaining ground as a heating method as environmental awareness increases, and the number of geothermal system installations is growing significantly.

A geothermal heating system transfers and recycles this pure natural heat for heating buildings and domestic hot water. The systems can also be used for cooling. Thermal energy from the building can be transferred back into the ground, where it can be reused in a heating season.

The system transfers thermal energy from the ground to a geothermal pump with a geothermal fluid.

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