Naturet transfers geothermal heat from the depths of Bengtskär for heating buildings

May 5, 2023

The buildings on the island of Bengtskär will soon be heated with renewable energy. The Finnish archipelago as a whole is beautiful and valuable for both those who live there and everyone who visits it. We are all responsible for respecting nature and preserving its biodiversity. Geothermal heat offers a renewable and environmentally friendly way to heat properties here up North, where the frosty winters demand secure long-term energy solutions. Freely available everywhere, one only needs to know how to harness geothermal heat. It can be used to replace fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint of energy production. Not to mention the particular environmental risk that transporting and handling oil always presents in archipelagos. The energy efficiency of geothermal heat also better enables operations in harsh conditions and helps keep energy costs reasonable both now and in the future.

Used in the heat collection circuit, Naturet geothermal fluid is a safe and environmentally friendly product. Its frost resistance brings security to the user and its natural raw materials help protect the environment. Anora Industrial offers several packaging sizes and concentration options for finding the right Naturet product for each heat collection location.

Naturet is safety for environment

Bengtskär’s unique nature sets high skill requirements for contractors

The Finnish bedrock is basically the same in the archipelago and the mainland. However, there are specific challenges in transporting the boring equipment to the island and moving it to the boring location itself. Companies specialised on the matter include Saariston Kaivonporaus. The company’s expertise can be seen in their latest location, drilling four 200m deep energy wells on the lighthouse island of Bengtskär. Bengskär is truly unique as a location. It is the southernmost inhabited island of Finland. The lighthouse rises up to a height of 52 metres and has been built entirely out of rocks quarried on the island. Since its completion in 1906, it has secured the safe passage of ships through the difficult route to the port of Hanko. The lighthouse island has also been the scene of a dramatic battle during the Second World War. Nowadays, the island is valued particularly as a tourist attraction. There visitors can learn about the rich history of the lighthouse island and, most of all, discover the delicate nature of the outer archipelago. The top of the lighthouse opens up to a spectacular view of the open sea. One increasingly popular hobby on the island is watching migratory birds in spring.

A firm expertise and long experience give support in demanding locations

CEO Jimmy Kronberg from Saariston Kaivonporaus Oy is an experienced maker of water wells and geothermal wells in Southwest Finland and the Archipelago Sea. It is often difficult to get fresh water in the archipelago. According to Jimmy, it is often impossible to build a bore well on a small island, but on the larger islands that are about a hectare in size one can usually find a place for a bore well. The importance of local experience and archipelago expertise get emphasised when constructing a bore well or an energy well. The shape of the island matters as well, but that can only be discerned with a deeper understanding. Jimmy’s team has designed the drill carriages and transport equipment to be operable in the challenging conditions and terrain of the archipelago. Years of experience and hard work have polished their work practices and equipment to perfection, making it possible to work on such difficult locations as Bengtskär.

Even in challenging locations, Naturet geothermal fluid is the choice for an experienced professional. We at Anora want to continue developing the use of geoenergy, both on land and at sea!

Interested in Bengtskär unique environment? Read more about the lighthouse at Bengtskär.

Photos: Jimmy Kronberg/Saariston Kaivonporaus Oy

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