Bottling line in Rajamäki beverage plant. Together we'll find a most convenient solution in bottling for customer needs.

Comprehensive service

In contract manufacturing, we provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, such as packages and bottles specific to various market areas. This allows you to flexibly react to current market needs. Contract manufacturing streamlines the production process, which accelerates the execution of orders and deliveries. With regard to bag-in-box packaging, for example, the product can be packaged closer to the market, which allows for a longer shelf life. If we take care of the logistics, the client is able to reduce its transportation costs and carbon footprint.

In a customer-specific process, the customer’s total need is calculated based on our and the customer’s sales predictions and existing stock levels. Based on the total need, we will create a production plan with the necessary checkpoints and will review the plan with the customer in a joint sales and production planning meeting. Once any issues have been addressed and resolved and the customer has approved the plan, production can begin in line with the plan.

Alcoholic beverage contract manufacturing is based on our expertise and broad range of resources. Tailored contracts can utilise all of our expertise, from raw materials all the way to the finished product.

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