Barely starch as a raw material for beer

Barley starch for breweries

Breweries use Koskenkorva Barley Starch as a fermentation agent in the production of beer and to bring freshness to Finnish lagers. Barley Starch is pure carbohydrate, with just 0.4% protein, 0.4% fat and 0.2% minerals. Barley starch is used as an additional extract source in brewing beer, and it also adds a genuine feel of barley to the beer mash.

Barley starch does not contain preservatives or additives. It is a natural ingredient produced from Finnish barley. It can be added directly to the mash tun with the malts and does not need to be boiled in advance. The active enzymes in barley malts decompose the starch in the barley and break it down to fermentable sugar almost as well as full malts. Up to 20% of the malts can be replaced with barley starch with no need to add enzymes to the mixture. If more barley starch is used, amylolytic enzymes or malts with a higher enzyme content should be added to the mixture to ensure complete decomposition. The benefits of barley starch for breweries:

  • More opportunities for product development

  • Neutral taste and aroma

  • Reduces the fat, protein and polyphenol content of the wort

  • Makes the beer lighter and easy to enjoy

  • Balances and freshens the taste

  • Improves the chemical stability of the beer

  • Improves the level of productivity of the brewery (hydrolysis raises it to more than 100% of db)

  • Reduces the amount of grain needed

  • Is a traceable raw material

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