Transportation industry and car chemical producers can utilize ethanol based products for washing and hygienic reasons.

Transportation industry utilises ethanol in various products

Transportation industry and different kind of car chemical producers use ethanol as raw material for their products. Ethanol is the basic solvent known as a raw material for auto chemicals and suitable for solving the various needs of the transport industry. It is suitable both as a base for windshield washer fluid and for maintaining surface hygiene. Ethanol is an easily water-soluble, colorless and fast-evaporating ingredient. It is also great for many different types of washing liquids and helps to remove dirt and grease. Ethanol gives detergents a quick evaporation, which is necessary for certain types of applications. Ethanol-based cleaning agents are also often used to clean car interiors, such as the cabin and seats. Ethanol helps dissolve dirt and stains effectively and is versatile raw material for Technochemical industry.

Anora Industrial's Screen Base 18 is suitable as a raw material for professional traffic windshield washer fluid, from which the manufacturer can make his own product by diluting it and adding, for example, fragrance. Ethanol works as an excellent solvent and helps remove dirt and insects from the windshield. Ethanol is a safe and approved raw material for glass cleaners. Screen Base 18 is completely ethanol-based.

Windshield washer fluid called Screen Base as well as many other car chemical are ethaonl based products.

At Anora Industrial, you can find denatured alcohol based raw materials for many different uses. The Etax product family includes denatured mixtures as a raw material for car chemicals. The Industol product family includes special mixtures for cleaning and maintaining surface hygiene. As fast-evaporating products, ethanol-based solutions are versatile on different types of surfaces. Etax and Industol products are available in different package sizes, you can find all our packages easily in Products -menu. We only sell products to companies.

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